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Friday, 2 January 2015

Splash Art Picture Frame

How to make a Splash Art Picture Frame?

A Splash Art Picture Frame creates a beautiful creative messy art which looks great on a plain white wall! Make this in just a few minutes! All you need is some paint brushes and splash your way!

*Paper- any size is perfect (or a index card like I used)
*Paint brush
*Paint- any colour...(I used Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple)

-Cut out the amount of space you'll be using from your paper by tracing a line with your pen using your ruler. (If you are going to be using an index card then make sure you've cut it nicely.)
-In a paint palette pour the right amount of paint needed in separate sections.
-Dip your paint brush so that the tip is only with paint.
-With quick motion spread the paint by slapping down your paint brush. Don't sweep your brush.
-Do this with different colour each time.

Let this dry. If you want to make a frame, glue down pieces of paper to form a frame. Voila!
Have fun creating your Splash Art Picture Frame!  

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