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Friday, 2 January 2015

Funky Picture Frame

How to make a Funky Picture Frame out of foam paper?

A Funky Frame Picture Frame can make your room look fashionable and crazy-fun! At the same time it's cheap and affordable for anyone!

*Foam paper
*1 Index card
*Colourful pompoms
*Super Glue (or glue gun)

Instructions for Back part:
-Cut out a rectangle-this will be the back part of your frame! It has to be 6cm x 8.2cm.
-Now, cut out the Index card-the size is the same as the rectangle. Glue this on-this is where you'll be gluing the pompoms. (but, first you need to cut out the frame strips).
-On the index card start from each corners and mark with a dot-they should be 1cm. Then connect them and that should form a smaller rectangle.

Instructions for Frame parts:
-Cut out two 1cm wide and 8.2cm long strip of foam paper, and two 1cm wide and 6cm long strip of foam paper.
-Now, from the corner where you created a line which connected the smaller rectangle corner, press the strip firmly to create a print behind it.
-Lift it off and trace the invisible line. Cut out the triangle you've traced from top and bottom and use this frame strip for the opposite side. Do the same for the rest.
-Now, glue down your frame strips with super glue. Make sure to press firmly and don't let the glue touch your skin.
-Next, glue down the pompoms anyway you wish, choose any size. (I used small pompoms and had them in one colour in each row.)
-Almost done! Decorate your frame strip with nice stickers!
Have fun decorating your Funky Picture Frame! 

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