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Friday, 2 January 2015

3D Flower Picture Frame

How to make a 3D Flower Picture Frame using a paper cup?

A 3D Flower Picture Frame is a really cool and a beautiful wall decor for your wall! You can create this easily with just a few simple steps!

*Paper cup
*Index cards-1
*Paper flowers
*Paper (White/Blank)
*Paint brush
*Paint-you'll need Blue, White, Brown, Yellow, Green and Red
*Black gel pen
*Super Glue (Or glue gun)

-Cut out the top of the paper cup- the part where you drink from.
-Glue the ends together-make sure you don't put access glue since the paper cup will melt. Wait till it's dried completely.
-Next, adjust the index card  from behind correctly so it fits in. This will be the tricky part, you'll have to glue this on.
-On a blank piece of paper, trace the circle once. Using the tool to draw circles, adjust the length from the point to the pencil which touches inside the frame (the blue part inside on my picture) and draw the circle of the length you measured on the blank paper.
-Now glue this inside the frame.
-It's time to paint! I recommend you start to paint the borders first. Don't paint the back.
-Once you've painted this three times, paint the inside. Then paint a scene!
-Glue paper flowers and you can also make a gorgeous sign too!
Here's a list of things you can put:
*Paper butterflies
*Draw birds and clouds!
Have fun decorating your 3D Flower Picture Frame! 

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