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If you're an art lover- or maybe a fashion obsessionist, you've come at the right place! I personally LOVE fashion!!! I think fashion is not just in your taste of clothing but, your room aswell! It is like art, it has patterns and really defined designes that covers up the fabric! It can change almost anything boring to look fabulicious!

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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mini Envelope

How to create a mini envelope?

Didn't have time to buy yourself envelopes? And you want them to look cute for your friend's birthday or for Valentine's Day? Well...there's help on the way! Just follow the steps below on and you'll have a mini envelope in few minutes!

*White paper (or colored-preferably white for your envelope)
*Ruler (30 cm)
*Glue stick

-Use the longer side of your paper. The measurement for height is 10 cm and for the length is 14 cm.
-Using a pencil and ruler trace out the measurements lightly. (Do not mark darkly since you'll have to erase the pencil mark when you've finished.)
-Now cut this out carefully so you don't bend the paper in any way.
-Last step is to now bend it in half.

-Now this is the tricky part. Once you've cut out your "card" you'll be left with a big "L". You'll be using the part where there's paper extending on the longer side.
-Cut out the remaining piece of paper (as if the white paper is almost "half".)
-Once you've done that, the next step is to take your "card" and place it at the "bottom" of the page. Make sure you leave some space (0.1 cm at least) and that you're placing your card not upwards .
-Now, fold it to the size of the "card".
-Next, you have to draw your measurements for the correct envelope size. You'll need to mark 0.6 cm on the right side of the paper and leave a little space (without marking) about 0.1 cm. If you like, you can ensure yourself by measuring and placing a dot to indicate the measurement.
-Then measure the "middle" and it should be 8 cm. Leave 0.1 cm then mark with a line using your ruler, 0.6 cm.
-Once that is done, your next step is to create the "triangle" of the envelope (the part where you seal your envelope).
-For that you must measure by placing your ruler horizontally and then trace the line. This will be the height of the envelop's "triangle".
-Find the "middle" by measuring the "line" you've just drew. You should be having an equal triangle once you've drawn the line downwards that will attach to the "inner line" on both ends. (By that, you should be able to make out your envelope's shape, or not.)
-Now, you have to remove the "card" and trace the "folded line" of your envelope. Only so that, when you cut there you'll be able to see it clearly.
-Then, measure 0.6 on both "inner" sides as well before you do the next step.
-After this, fold back the "envelope" so it looks like it did before you've opened it. Take your ruler and place it right on the (top) edge of your "envelope" and trace a "line" using your ruler.
-This is the difficult part. You'll have to be extra careful so that you don't cut out the wrong "line". (It's better to practice before hand.)
- Now, cut out the "extras" that are not part of the "envelop". This should include the extra piece on the left side of your "envelop". Do NOT cut out the "triangle" or the "thin long" 0.6 cm strips on the right and left of the envelope.
-You'll need to bend the two "thin long" 0.6 cm strips. the "inner one" on both sides will be glued to the "outer envelope". While the outer "thin long" 0.6 cm strips will be glued at the "back" of the envelope. Can you make out the mini envelope?
-Well...two more steps to go! Fold the "triangle" and erase the pencil marks.
-Now you're done!

Hope you enjoy making mini envelope!

Decor-It-Yourself (DIY) 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Flats Makeover

How to turn plain flats into stylish ones?

A Flats Makeover can be the best way to turn your boring flats into stylish ones with some touches of your own and wear them where ever you want with a proud smile!

Red-tip Flats

*Plain/old flats
*Ribbon (15 cm)
*Nail polish-color that will contrast your flats
*Glue gun/strong glue/magic glue
*Paper clip-if your flats have bows

-If your flats are polish (meaning that when you mark a straight line with your ruler it will easily be removed with your finger) then use a pen and draw a line starting with one end then stop at the other. If your flats have bows then fasten them with paper clips so they don't get in the way.

-If your bows are long, then cut them shorter using a pair of scissors.

-Now paint the area you've already marked. It doesn't matter if some polish has over swept the line you drew, since the ribbon will cover up the area.

-For the ribbon, start with the end but leave some space, about 1 cm, and start to glue from one end to the other. Make sure you do this step carefully.

-Let your flats dry for two days before you wear them.

Have fun doing Flats Makeover!

Decor-it-Yourself (DIY) 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Light Switch Cover

How to make a Light Switch Cover?

A Light Switch Cover can totally make your bedroom look fabulous in no time! Try this out it is totally worth it!

*Self adhesive roll-comes in patterns (can be bought at the dollar store)
*Paper flowers
*Crystal Stickers

-The measurements you'll need for the light switch cover is: 6.3cm wide and 10.8cm long.
-For the space in between it'll be:2.9cm for both ends.
-For the space above the small rectangle space (as shown on the picture above) it'll be: 4cm.
-And for the small rectangle the measurements will be: 1cm wide and 2.4cm long.

-Mark all of the points on the light switch cover by following the measurements. For the middle part fold the sticker and cut the small rectangle out slowly.
-Stcik the crystal stickers where ever you wish.
-Now place you're light switch cover!
Have fun decorating your Light Switch Cover!

Decor-it-Yourself (DIY)

3D Flower Picture Frame

How to make a 3D Flower Picture Frame using a paper cup?

A 3D Flower Picture Frame is a really cool and a beautiful wall decor for your wall! You can create this easily with just a few simple steps!

*Paper cup
*Index cards-1
*Paper flowers
*Paper (White/Blank)
*Paint brush
*Paint-you'll need Blue, White, Brown, Yellow, Green and Red
*Black gel pen
*Super Glue (Or glue gun)

-Cut out the top of the paper cup- the part where you drink from.
-Glue the ends together-make sure you don't put access glue since the paper cup will melt. Wait till it's dried completely.
-Next, adjust the index card  from behind correctly so it fits in. This will be the tricky part, you'll have to glue this on.
-On a blank piece of paper, trace the circle once. Using the tool to draw circles, adjust the length from the point to the pencil which touches inside the frame (the blue part inside on my picture) and draw the circle of the length you measured on the blank paper.
-Now glue this inside the frame.
-It's time to paint! I recommend you start to paint the borders first. Don't paint the back.
-Once you've painted this three times, paint the inside. Then paint a scene!
-Glue paper flowers and you can also make a gorgeous sign too!
Here's a list of things you can put:
*Paper butterflies
*Draw birds and clouds!
Have fun decorating your 3D Flower Picture Frame! 

Decor-it-Yourself (DIY)

Funky Picture Frame

How to make a Funky Picture Frame out of foam paper?

A Funky Frame Picture Frame can make your room look fashionable and crazy-fun! At the same time it's cheap and affordable for anyone!

*Foam paper
*1 Index card
*Colourful pompoms
*Super Glue (or glue gun)

Instructions for Back part:
-Cut out a rectangle-this will be the back part of your frame! It has to be 6cm x 8.2cm.
-Now, cut out the Index card-the size is the same as the rectangle. Glue this on-this is where you'll be gluing the pompoms. (but, first you need to cut out the frame strips).
-On the index card start from each corners and mark with a dot-they should be 1cm. Then connect them and that should form a smaller rectangle.

Instructions for Frame parts:
-Cut out two 1cm wide and 8.2cm long strip of foam paper, and two 1cm wide and 6cm long strip of foam paper.
-Now, from the corner where you created a line which connected the smaller rectangle corner, press the strip firmly to create a print behind it.
-Lift it off and trace the invisible line. Cut out the triangle you've traced from top and bottom and use this frame strip for the opposite side. Do the same for the rest.
-Now, glue down your frame strips with super glue. Make sure to press firmly and don't let the glue touch your skin.
-Next, glue down the pompoms anyway you wish, choose any size. (I used small pompoms and had them in one colour in each row.)
-Almost done! Decorate your frame strip with nice stickers!
Have fun decorating your Funky Picture Frame! 

Decor-it-Yourself (DIY)   

Decorated Quote

How to make a Decorated Quote out of an old binder?

A Decorated Quote is a fine way to express anything you like or maybe enjoy. This is a art work which can be placed in your room anywhere you desire.

*Old Binder
*Paint brush
*Paint-any colour
*Decorative stickers
*Pen-Coloured (glittery-if you wish)
*Black gel pen

-Using scissors cut out the binder's covers. Then remove the part where papers go. This might be a little painful so make sure you be careful.
-Once that's removed, cut the long cardboard piece into 16.8cm long and it's already 3.3cm wide. I recommend you start cutting from the bottom.
-Paint only one side of the cardboard and, make sure you paint the sides as well. Paint it twice more for it to look better.
-With the black gel pen draw a border line. It should be 0.4cm wide.
-Next, write one of your favourite quote you really like or just make up your own quote! You can write this in a special font, ex: Graffiti, Cursive writing, All caps...(etc...)
-Now for the final touches decorate this with decorative stickers!
Have fun decorating your Decorated Quote!

Decor-it-Yourself (DIY)

Splash Art Picture Frame

How to make a Splash Art Picture Frame?

A Splash Art Picture Frame creates a beautiful creative messy art which looks great on a plain white wall! Make this in just a few minutes! All you need is some paint brushes and splash your way!

*Paper- any size is perfect (or a index card like I used)
*Paint brush
*Paint- any colour...(I used Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple)

-Cut out the amount of space you'll be using from your paper by tracing a line with your pen using your ruler. (If you are going to be using an index card then make sure you've cut it nicely.)
-In a paint palette pour the right amount of paint needed in separate sections.
-Dip your paint brush so that the tip is only with paint.
-With quick motion spread the paint by slapping down your paint brush. Don't sweep your brush.
-Do this with different colour each time.

Let this dry. If you want to make a frame, glue down pieces of paper to form a frame. Voila!
Have fun creating your Splash Art Picture Frame!  

Decor-it-Yourself (DIY)