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Friday, 2 January 2015

Decorated Quote

How to make a Decorated Quote out of an old binder?

A Decorated Quote is a fine way to express anything you like or maybe enjoy. This is a art work which can be placed in your room anywhere you desire.

*Old Binder
*Paint brush
*Paint-any colour
*Decorative stickers
*Pen-Coloured (glittery-if you wish)
*Black gel pen

-Using scissors cut out the binder's covers. Then remove the part where papers go. This might be a little painful so make sure you be careful.
-Once that's removed, cut the long cardboard piece into 16.8cm long and it's already 3.3cm wide. I recommend you start cutting from the bottom.
-Paint only one side of the cardboard and, make sure you paint the sides as well. Paint it twice more for it to look better.
-With the black gel pen draw a border line. It should be 0.4cm wide.
-Next, write one of your favourite quote you really like or just make up your own quote! You can write this in a special font, ex: Graffiti, Cursive writing, All caps...(etc...)
-Now for the final touches decorate this with decorative stickers!
Have fun decorating your Decorated Quote!

Decor-it-Yourself (DIY)

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