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Friday, 2 January 2015

Light Switch Cover

How to make a Light Switch Cover?

A Light Switch Cover can totally make your bedroom look fabulous in no time! Try this out it is totally worth it!

*Self adhesive roll-comes in patterns (can be bought at the dollar store)
*Paper flowers
*Crystal Stickers

-The measurements you'll need for the light switch cover is: 6.3cm wide and 10.8cm long.
-For the space in between it'll be:2.9cm for both ends.
-For the space above the small rectangle space (as shown on the picture above) it'll be: 4cm.
-And for the small rectangle the measurements will be: 1cm wide and 2.4cm long.

-Mark all of the points on the light switch cover by following the measurements. For the middle part fold the sticker and cut the small rectangle out slowly.
-Stcik the crystal stickers where ever you wish.
-Now place you're light switch cover!
Have fun decorating your Light Switch Cover!

Decor-it-Yourself (DIY)

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